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Private Yoga Anyone?🧘‍♀️

A personalised practice is so worth it and you deserve it!


There are so many benefits to yoga:

⭐️ increased flexibility

⭐️ increased muscle strength and tone

⭐️ improved respiration, energy and vitality

⭐️ maintaining a balanced metabolism weight reduction

⭐️ cardio and circulatory health


But these are just the physical benefits. Yoga goes beyond just the physical. It allows us to explore the inner Self…the part of us that we can’t see. Over time that brings us back to a sense of connection, openness and deep trust with ourselves.

Benefits of 1:1 Yoga Classes

⭐️ Tailored sessions – benefits all levels

⭐️ Focus on personal goals

⭐️ Privacy and comfort of your own home

⭐️ Safe, proper alignment/adjustments and physical assists

⭐️ Flexible to your schedule

⭐️ Yoga practice flourishes to next level

⭐️ All your questions answered

Nothing would make me happier than to support you in your yoga practice both on a physical and deeper level.

But don’t just listen to me… here’s what other people have said:

“Shona is an extremely talented person and allows me to reconnect to my true self and creates a nourishing environment”

“Shona’s voice is a a lovely relaxing melody”

“Shona has incredible energy, passion, and love for yoga, which is infectious”

“Shona is authentic and kind, relatable and warm”

“Shona is one of the most encouraging and authentic teachers. She provides a wealth of knowledge and deep insight while remaining fun and lighthearted. She creates calming spaces for her students to explore their practice with acceptance and respect”

“Shona’s classes are so inspirational, educational as well as encouraging. Her energy is amazing which sets her apart from other yoga teachers”

“A class with Shona guarantees you feeling a sense of belonging and renewed strength of self. Her passion and energy is incomparable to most yoga classes I’ve attended. Shona curates each class in such a way that you gain the most potential from yourself within that session. A true yoga teacher”

Please feel free to message me so we can discuss your personal requirements.

All levels welcome  🙏🥰🙏

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