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My mum often referred to me as a “free spirit”. 🕊 There are so many definitions and interpretations of what that means. To me part of it is about leading a life of adventure, passion, and intrigue.

It takes guts and discipline to truly live a free-spirited life and I ask myself continually: “do I have the balls and the discipline to do that?” And the answer changes constantly. There is a freedom and understated strength in believing in the Self and trusting the spirit to guide us on our life path, which in turn leads us to achieve our dreams. And it’s not easy to release the majesty of the mind, embrace the untamed inner spirit and break free from captivity and control of others influence. So how do we set ourselves free? The human spirit whilst being unbreakable, relentless and free is also as delicate as a butterfly 🦋

So I continually work on freeing my mind, by surrendering to what is, understanding that curveballs are for my growth, laughing at my foibles and not taking things too seriously. This allows me to choose a different past (in terms of how I view it) and a different future. The power and beauty of a “free spirit”.

As Rumi said: My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there….🌸A FREE SPIRIT 🌸

Shona Langridge Free Spirit

After working in the corporate sector for 25 years, I decided to branch into the world of yoga. I currently teach many different forms of yoga including: bikram, vinyasa, yin and pilates.

My first introduction to Yoga was through the practice of Bikram. I swore after my first class I would never do it again… and twelve years on, here I am, teaching it and always inspired by the students that travel with me on their yoga journeys when they step onto their mats.

I did my Bikram Teacher Training in Thailand in 2014 and since then have taught in Australia, UK and USA.

We all have to start somewhere and there is never any ending to where Yoga can take you… everything we do in our lives is some form of Yoga. There are always ways to grow and develop and this practice allows us to see ourselves as we truly are. After 2 years of teaching Bikram, I was inspired to further my Yoga knowledge in India – training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh in May 2017. In November 2017, I also extended my training by doing Yin Yoga Part 1 and 2 with Norman Blair – a beautiful inward practise. I’m also trained in Inferno Hot Pilates which I completed in April 2017.

In May 2019, I spent 1 month in Nepal with monks, training in Tibetan Healing Bowls and I welcome the opportunity to share those learnings and insights with you.